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Wilson, Richard richard.wilson3 at
Fri Aug 12 03:56:15 BST 2011

I have been using Fedora for years and prefer it, but a teammate has convinced me to try Ubuntu -- he's managed to dispose of everything Windows (ok, he runs an XP VM for those times he HAS to connect to a website that requires IE).  But everything else, including some weird VPN's we have to reach have just come up working for him.  I am still trying to get one of them (Cisco AnyConnect) working under Fedora 15 64...

The last time I tried Ubuntu (it was the Karmic Koala release) I noticed that the download install DVD's came in 2 flavors, Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  I am used to Fedora where I tell it to install KDE when I install the O/S.  Are there still separate installation disks/processes for Ubuntu?  If so what's the thinking behind that?  With Karmic I had to get an alternate Kubuntu DVD to work with my old hardware; my new hardware (hopefully) won't be so picky.

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Richard Wilson
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