I just noticed: no more crashes! Thanks, KDE team!

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Aug 3 13:46:31 BST 2011

On Wednesday, 2011-08-03, Duncan wrote:
> Sergei Andreev posted on Wed, 03 Aug 2011 12:39:01 +0400 as excerpted:

> > And the answer is:
> > http://www.freehackers.org/thomas/2009/11/10/wonders-from-a-kde-fan-and-
> > developer-about-some-kde-design-choices/comment-page-1/#comment-7507
> Of course it doesn't perform well with each plasmoid as a separate
> process... because they chose components with that characteristic.
> That's the point.  It was a new thing so they could chose the components
> they wanted, and despite the fact that the flexibility of being able to
> run binary plasmoids of uncertain stability created by people of all
> talent levels was a design goal, they chose to use components that had
> poor performance characteristics when run in separate processes.

Actually no.
It is mainly a problem of the underlying technology, i.e. embedding one 
process' window into another one's not being very well supported, or at least 
not on X11.

It is less a problem of performance, Konqueror has done plugins out-of-process 
for ever (incidentally making it the only browser to survive Flash crashes for 
years before other browsers changed to that model as well).

But it clearly showed the limits of the underlying technologies used for that, 
e.g. the embedding process having little to no control over the embedded 
window (other than probably size and position) and embedded window having very 
few means of communicating needs to the host (and having two separate and 
exclusive event processing contexts).

So with basically forced to have all UI portions in the same process, running 
the data processing in separate execution units might be possible in some 
occasions without dragging down performance too much (as indicated by Aaron in 
the linked comment).

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