I just noticed: no more crashes! Thanks, KDE team!

Sergei Andreev seajey.serg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 09:39:01 BST 2011

> It's a plasmoid from kdelook, so not really a main kde problem, *EXCEPT*
> for the poor plasma design choice of running all of plasma single-
> threaded, so a single misbehaving plasmoid can either freeze or crash the
> entire plasma-desktop.  That *DESPITE* the fact that the trend these days
> is to have separate sandboxed processes for everything, see chrome/
> chromium, and firefox is headed that way -- but still the quite new
> plasma just /had/ to be designed so a single misbehaving plasmoid would
> kill it, even tho they were deliberately making it extensible and
> inviting people of all sorts of skill levels to design plasmoids for it,
> the VERY SAME reason chrome/chromium did the sandboxed-process thing and
> firefox is headed that way!  They had the opportunity to design plasma
> for robustness in that regard from the very start, but didn't.  Now they
> have backward compatibility issues to worry about if they try to fix the
> problem.  Oh, well... <shrug>

And the answer is:
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