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Eric Griffith egriffith92 at
Tue Aug 2 08:21:17 BST 2011

Hey guys, I've got 2 hdd's in my laptop and I've been distro jumping
enough lately that I set the second drive to be "/personal" with
Documents/Videos/Music/Games etc in there, and then when I install a
new distro I delete the folders in my /home, go to /personal, drag
everything back to home and click "link here" It works great and solve
99% of my issues. Except one.

As I mentioned above, I have a games folder where I keep some wine
based games that I play a lot. And its really to have to everytime I
install a new distro go into the Kickoff Configuration settings, and
manually add back to the entries for each game one at a time.

Really, I guess my question is this; where does KDE keep the config
files for Kickoff menu? And is there really anyway I could,
realistically and practically, automate adding the entries back in? I
don't know how KDE stores the entries so I dont know if a script would
be appropriate, or if this is just one of those 'bite the bullet and
do it yourself' situations.

~Eric G.~
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