KDE 4.6.0 and nvidia drivers

A. Boggiano boggiano at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 15:03:06 BST 2011

Il 29/04/2011 00:23, John Woodhouse ha scritto:
> There is rather a lot in suse bugzilla about problems with KDE once an
> nvidia driver is installed. Seems it was regarded as a killer for their
> release of 4.6.0 in 11.4. Ok this is opensuse but from what I have seen
> bugs just get passed on to KDE.
> I'm told 32bit crashes but from my brief trials it just went flakey
> Missed clicks mostly.

This is my story:
I'm using Fedora (now 14) on my HP HDX-18 with an nvidia GPU.
I don't want to use any closed driver since I need a very little 3D 
performances (I'm using only the simply KDE effects: "show all 
windows"...that's it!):so, I'm using the noveau driver.

Well, my machine freezes once a day: I can still ssh in it and reboot 
nicely but the X system doesn't respond! (I can't copy/paste here the 
Xorg.log but I can see noveau errors).
And yes, the freeze occours even if I don't enable the desktop effects.

 From a couple of days I'm using gnome (no desktop effects) and my work 
is running smootly.

This is *NOT* the solution, but, rigth now, it gives me some oxygen in 
order to try to investigate on the problem. I really don't know if the 
problem is noveau || kde || kwin || hw problem || bad luck, but this is 
my story!

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