Mentor needed for libqgit2

Andrew Mason slackmase2 at
Mon Apr 25 01:22:50 BST 2011

Hi All,
Recently I started working on a new project which aims to create a
key/value database ( somewhat similar to couchDB ) using Qt core and
Git ( for the actual database bit ).
So naturally I went searching for Qt Git bindings and found this
wonderful library written by Laszlo Papp

However I ran across some issues which may or may not be related to an
API change in libgit2. After a brief email conversation with Laslzo, I
found out that real life events have made it difficult for him to
continue to commit time to libqgit and as such help would be required
in order to keep up maintenance of the library. I was more than happy
to do so, since I also needed to use the library for my new project.
The only downside is that for the past 9 years I've worked as a web
developer. i.e Java, PHP etc... and haven't done any C or C++ since i
left uni.

So basically I was wondering if anyone would be interested in acting
as a mentor for a short time ( 2 - 3 weeks ) ? Mainly to help me with
a few teething issues relating to the build environment to make sure
that my code is C++y enough. I've heard java developers make poor C++
programmers so an extra set of eyes will at least make sure that i'm
not learning too many bad habbits.

Thanks in advance.

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