is there a way to assign apps. to certain activities

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Sat Apr 23 11:35:06 BST 2011

On Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:39:18 +0530, Alex Schuster <wonko at> wrote:

> phanisvara das writes:
>> i'm wondering if there's a way, perhaps via qdbus commands, to assign
>> certain applications to a particular activity, or all activities, when
>> they start up? even in KDE 4.7 i couldn't find a way to do that, neither
>> via GUI nor .rc files...
> In KDE 4.6.2, the 2nd entry 'Actvities' in the window menu (the one left in
> the title bar) does allow this. Similar to the first entry, where you can
> set on which desktops the application should show up.

that i know; it allows me to send the window to one, more, or all activities after it's been opened. but i find this quite a botheration, since there are several windows i like to have on all activities, like messengers, konsole, ktorrent, etc. every time i open one of these i have to set that manually. i was hoping for a way to do that via script, or in the app.'s config file.

> Do you have this menu entry? Some days ago I was also looking for this, and
> did not find it. I wonder how I could overlook this, but maybe it was not
> there at this moment? My KDE was acting somewhat weird then, konqueror was
> suddenly closing all tabs without the usual confirmation dialog, konqueror
> was hanging when opening the settings dialog, kontact's save file dialog
> sometimes also was hanging and I had to kill it. All these problems went
> away when I logged out and in again.

nothing of that sort happened here -- or if it did, i didn't notice.

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