plasma-desktop crash when put new plasmoid

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Fri Apr 8 08:00:53 BST 2011

BasaBuru posted on Fri, 08 Apr 2011 07:40:42 +0200 as excerpted:

> I'm download few plasmoids and when try instal the plasma-desktop is
> crash.

You mention kde 4.4.5, below.  4.4 is quite old and a lot of bugs have 
been fixed since then.  Perhaps you're running into one of those?

It's also possible the plasmoids you're trying to install only work with 
kde 4.5+ or maybe even only 4.6+.  If that's the case, naturally they'd 
not run on 4.4.  Unfortunately, plasma-desktop wasn't particularly stable 
in 4.4, so what one might expect to only generate an error, apparently 
crashes it.

> Is bery strange when i'm ask for new plasmoids apears a windows ask me
> the password for kwallet. In the kwallet are not any entry for desktop
> plasmoids.
> If not put the password are nothing appear in the window for news
> plasmoids.

New plasmoids, or news plasmoids?  If you're still talking about new 
plasmoids, that's really strange.  I've never seen trying to download new 
plasmoids ask for kwallet here!

The only possibility I can come up with for that is that perhaps you have 
an existing kde-look account.  If so, you might have a cookie for it 
saying you do, and when you try to download new plasmoids from there, 
perhaps it tries to log you in?  FWIW, I do have a kde-look account, but 
as I said, I've never been asked to open kwallet when I downloaded.  
However, I don't normally allow cookies and don't have any for kdelook in 
konqueror's cookie list, so it may be that it doesn't ask me to login 
because I don't have the cookie.

If you switched to discussing news plasmoids, as in news-feeds, then 
presumably you have an account with the news feed that needs a login in 
ordered to serve your news feed.  I don't /think/ you're talking about 
news-feed plasmoids, but that one "news" reference above made me think 
about the possibility, since as you say, it's a bit unexpected to see a 
kwallet prompt to check for new plasmoids.

> I dont now who make. any idea about this???
> The plasmoids coming whit the kde instalation work fine.
> I'm work whith debian weezy and kde 4.4.5

The best I can say at this point is to try to upgrade to kde 4.5.5.  
That's the last release in the 4.5 series, and quite stable.  4.6 may or 
may not be better, but given the posts about it I see on the list, I 
honestly don't feel comfortable recommending it to someone with the 
obvious difficulty with the English language you have.  You need something 
you don't have to ask questions about, and at this point, the best for 
that is likely to be 4.5.5.

But I run Gentoo, not Debian, so really don't know if you have 4.5 as an 
option or not, unless of course you compile from source, which has its own 
potential issues...

I'm sorry I wasn't of more help.

I respect you for trying to write English when it's clearly not your first 
language.  Unfortunately, it's often quite difficult to understand your 
posts, and while I do try to help, sometimes I wonder if there's somehow 
an easier way, some way to connect you with someone who speaks your own 
language that knows kde.  Something.  The barrier always leaves me 
frustrated and I can only imagine how much more frustrating it must be for 

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