4.6.2 early report

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Thu Apr 7 15:09:52 BST 2011

On Thursday, April 07, 2011 09:56:22 AM phanisvara das did opine:

> On Thu, 07 Apr 2011 18:33:29 +0530, gene heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> 
> > On Thursday, April 07, 2011 08:48:42 AM Gopaladeva Dasa did opine:
> >> > Toss in that the app launcher/pager/date-time & dock bar is totally
> >> > missing  on workspace 1 now.
> >> 
> >> I did not have that problem. Everything appears just as it should.
> >> 
> >> G
> > 
> > I used PCC to add another user, who did not have that problem with the
> > default user profile that was installed.  But that users firefox and
> > konsole screens were still bereft of the usual top bar decorations
> > with the whole top bar being sensitive to a right click, which
> > brought up the move to another workspace menu.   And when I went to
> > log out, the requester that opened was all piled up on itself and I
> > wound up actually doing a reboot, and on the reboot, and logging back
> > in as me, I am back to my original complaint except now I only have a
> > cashew on workspace 1.  I can use the other workspaces, but no
> > decorations other than the taskbar at the bottom.
> > 
> > This seems to be the difference, so how do I go about restoring the
> > cashew on the other workspaces?
> > 
> > I don't have room on this partition to copy all my stuff over, its
> > only 30 gigs and my email corpus uses 20 some of it.  Next time I
> > install, I'll give /home 300 gigs and /usr 300 if its lucky. ;-) 
> > Terrabyte drives, 4 of them, with 2 of the others available for
> > re-use.  One has amanda's virtual tapes on it.
> > 
> > Thanks for any clues.
> i also don't have any problems with KDE 4.6.2. re. the missing top bar
> buttons, perhaps try another desktop style / theme? if it was me, i
> would create a new user and slowly copy configuration files from
> ~/.kde4 into that user, until things don't work anymore. that should
> help to figure out where the problem comes from.

I tried that.  The new user also has no top bar of a window decorations.

Wandering around in ~/.kde4, I found a bunch of what look like junk 
directories in .kde and .kde4 subdirs of .kde4 and nuked those, but what 
seems odd is that there are a lot of *rc files in .kde4/share that not even 
root can look at with less, no error when root tries, just no response.

And my konsoles are AFU again, foreground & background colors are 
randomized but matched, so one can't see the output till he does a mouse 
drag over the output to highlight it.

mc seems to be slowly self destructing too.

I may yet have to re-install on a different drive. :-(

Cheers, Gene
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