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Wed Apr 6 17:29:50 BST 2011

As Suse have just made kde the default desktop I have just upgraded to 11.4 
kde 4.60 release 6. Main problem has been yast still insisting on using ipv6, 
disabling it in the browsers didn't turn out to be easy. The old ways don't 
work and ipv6 still causes dns problems for many users going on web searches. 
It's done so for years as well. Even KDE disregards the old don't use it flag.

Anyway. Now on my mail. Rather than typing out my address book how do I import 
my  old one and where and which file is it. My previous KDE is a late 
3.something. From memory one release short of the last one before 4 started to 

Importing my old mail hasn't worked at all. I could do with a fix for this. 
The problem might be down to the directory structure I used. I have sub 
folders off inbox for one, several of them. There are several hundred mails in 
these structures split into many folders most of which are sub folders off 
inbox as that is a logical place to put them.

I've also just noticed that spell check is coming and going -  hlqfp   
for instance hasn't been spotted for the last couple of mins.

OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0 release 6
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