Sounds works in Dragon Player but not Kaffeine

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Mon Apr 4 15:44:15 BST 2011

On 2011-04-03 00:33:30 Duncan wrote:
>Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. posted on Sat, 02 Apr 2011 19:29:13 -0500 as
>> Sound works in Dragon Player, but not Kaffeine.  I'd prefer to use
>> Kaffeine, because I have a playlist of files I'd like to play on my
>> second monitor while I play with Haskell on my primary monitor.  I don't
>> want to have to fiddle with the video player after each video.
>As I said, smplayer's got the same rich set of advanced features that
>kaffeine for kde3 did.  The biggest difference is that kaffeine is xinelib
>based while smplayer is as one might guess, mplayer based.  (The netbook
>doesn't need the full-features and VLC's fine, there.)

I prefer xine, as I've had better luck with it accepting whatever media I 
throw at it.  However, modern Kaffeine doesn't use Xine, it uses Phonon.  My 
local Phonon uses Xine.

I'm fine with not using Kaffeine, but I would like to continue using Phonon.  
Dragon would be fine if it would let me queue up an entire season of M*A*S*H, 
for example.

>If you prefer to stay with kaffeine... in the order I thought of them, NOT
>necessarily the order I'd recommend trying them...
>* Do you use pulse-audio?

No.  It's not installed.  Jack is, and that gives me a new Phonon device, but 
it is set to low preference.

>* You've checked kaffeine to ensure that it's not muted, and that the
>volume is reasonably high in kaffeine itself, right?

Yes.  Kaffeine itself is not muted, and dragging the volume slider changes 

>* In the phonon system-settings in panel, what
>backend are you using?


>YMMV as they say, but here and for a number of
>others that have posted with phonon-related issues, phonon-vlc has
>functioned FAR better for me than the default phonon-xine.

I can try that, but I don't think this is an Phonon issue.  I think it is a 
Kaffeine issue.  Dragon player uses Phonon and sound works perfectly in it.

>You might try
>it, ESPECIALLY if you have a dialog popping up on boot or somewhat
>randomly, complaining about missing audio devices and asking if you want
>to delete them -- that's a phonon-xine backend bug that at least here,
>TOTALLY disappeared when I switched to phonon-vlc.

I've never gotten those messages, except for when I removed Audio hardware.  
That hasn't happened recently.

>* Still in phonon's kcontrol panel, you may want to take one of the
>settings that's known working and hit apply device list to (might be
>worded slightly differently in 4.4)... and select everything.

Already did that.  When I was testing / prioritizing devices I was on the 
"Games" role.  After I got that working, I applied it to all the other audio 
output roles.

>* IDR what sort of audio output selection kaffeine had and it may have
>changed since the beta I used, but depending on your sound hardware and
>ALSA setup, it's not uncommon for only one app to be able to directly
>access audio at a time.

I have a high-end sound card that does hardware mixing so /dev/dsp (for 
example) can be opened up to 32 times concurrently.  However, Kaffeine uses 
Phonon now (very few settings to change in my Kaffeine) so I wouldn't expect 
that to be a problem.  Even if Phonon doesn't hide such issues, I'm already 
set up for mixing; Amarok, Dragon, and event-triggered sounds can all play at 
once, though it makes quite a cacophony.

I'm not at the computer in question, but I'll try another Phonon back-end when 
I get back to it and report back at that time.

Thanks for the reply.
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