constant icon corruption on panel

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Fri Nov 12 18:50:26 GMT 2010

Ever since I installed KDE 4 I've had corrupted icons on the Task Manager 
panel and the hour/minute hands on the analog clock. I'm now at 4.5.2 and 
still I reliably see the arms on the clock and icons on the TM panel look 
like they're dithered or fractured. I don't see this in other places 
throughout the UI so I'm wondering if this is an ongoing plasma issue. I've 
turned off all the plasma eye-candy settings, and still get mashed-up icons 
from apps like Kopete, KAlarm, KMail, and every analog clock I've tried.

Any ideas what I should look for? There are so many display-related 
settings scattered all over that I have no idea whether it's the theme I 
use, the icon set, video driver, or whatever. I have an nVidia 8400 card 
feeding a Samsung flatpanel at 1920x1200 and use the nouveau driver, in 
Fedora 13. 

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