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gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Wed Nov 10 19:07:19 GMT 2010

On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 01:47:25 pm Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. did 

> In <201011101225.05209.gheskett at wdtv.com>, gene heskett wrote:
> >Greetings;
> >
> >Is it 'legal' for a single MIME'd message containing many parts, to re-
> >specify the
> >
> > boundary=string
> >
> >more than once in the same message?
> It is possible to "nest" multipart/* types--same or different.  Each of
> these must specify the boundary= option AND each boundary must be
> different.
> So the structure of a message is allowed to look like this (IIRC):
> + multipart/alternative (a)
>   + multipart/yowsa (b)
>     + vendor/wonka
>     + image/omgwtfbbq
>     + multipart/alternative (c)
>       + image/mng
>       + image/gif
>       + image/png
>   + multipart/mixed (d)
>     + text/html
>     + image/jpeg
>   + text/plain
> So, each of the multipart/* objects (a-d) would have a different
> boundary setting.
> >This question generated by a windows email agent that is doing that as
> >it sends me stuff, and in order to see the full message I find I must
> >enable the message structure viewpane, and then click on the html
> >subtree before I can see the whole message's jpegs etc.  Otherwise
> >nothing below the 2nd boundary= statement is visible.
> I've seen that stuff.  I doubt those messages are using a standardized
> format, but KMail should try and be better about that, providing the
> normal "click here to view HTML" option.

Instead, and this is kde-4.5.3, pclos, it claims in the little edge message 
to the left of the message view window, that it is a "no html message", 
when the message structure at the bottom of the message view window does 
show an html component, which if clicked on shows it properly I believe.  I 
would have to call this a bug, but enabling the message structure window 
does enable the viewing of the whole thing once the html is clicked on in 
the message structure window.  But I cannot get enough of it onscreen at 
once to be able to determine if the nesting is proper. Typically one of the 
"offenders" is a megabyte or more.

Lets hope 4.5.4 handles this better. ;-)

Thank you Boyd, for the prompt response.

I have included one of the senders of such in my replies To: list.  From 
this it isn't possible to point a finger at the errant program other than to 
say there seems to be a minor incompatibility between them.

Cheers, Gene
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