Minimized apps dissapear

Bob Stia rnr at
Sun Nov 7 03:01:10 GMT 2010

On Saturday 06 November 2010 05:18:25 Duncan wrote: 

<snipped my own>

> I probably don't have to tell you that kde3's going to be getting tougher
> and tougher 

<snipped sopme of Duncan>

Hello Duncan. Thanks for replying. Yes, yes, I know, I know. I have been 
playing with KDE4 as it developed on other distros. But this is my everyday 
use distro. 11.3 and KDE3.

> But that isn't to say that you're totally out of luck, here, just that it
> might not be sufficient, and it's likely to continue to get worse as the
> distance in time from supported status lengthens.  
> What happens if you use the keyboard app-switching shortcut (normally alt-
> tab)? 

Yes that will restore the minimized app if you have selected the window
where it was originally minimized. As I stated, I have four dektops in the 
task bar. When I mouse-over any of them I get a pop-up which tells me what 
apps are on it. Then when I switch to that window and do the alt-tab it will 
restore the app. That is so clunky though. Previously when the app was 
minimized it showed up in the taskbar and you could just click on it to bring 
it up no matter what desktop it was on.

> Of course, the next question then is what about the window list, noting
> that as I recall from kde3, both it and the alt-tabbing can be configured
> to only switch apps on the same desktop, or among all on all desktops,
> depending on how you have prefs set.
I've tried several different combinations and nothing seems to change.

> Either of those should let you switch to it, if indeed it's simply
> minimized.
> A couple other possibilities (that apply to both later kde3.5 and kde4):
> Perhaps you have (somehow) configured window transparency 

No, transparency is disabled.
> Similarly, check the window rules (special window/app settings, in the
> window menu for an app, or IIRC in kcontrol as well).  

Well. now you have lost me. I cannot find where those settings may be.

> Check at least for 
> three things: transparency,

I saw a place for transparency but not the following.

> force-minimize (forced minimized would mean it 
> won't come back to normal even if you switch to it, as the force minimize
> would immediately force it back minimized... which almost sound like it
> might be what's happening, actually), and also for strange forced-
> position, that would perhaps put the app off-screen (if you have a
> 1920x1080 monitor with top-left at 0,0, and the window rule forces it to
> position top left at say 0, 1200...).

I have my active windows set to be centered
> Hopefully one of those suggestions will help...

Not so good so far. I have even reset all of the desktop stuff to their 

Bob S
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