How Do I Launch KDE Desktop Environment from the Terminal/Command Line of a Regular User?

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Mon Nov 1 19:04:08 GMT 2010

Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) 张恩鸣  posted on Mon, 01
Nov 2010 20:32:48 +0800 as excerpted:

> May I know how do I launch KDE desktop environment from the
> terminal/command line of a regular user?
> Is it "exec startkde"? If not, please advise.
> I am currently using the GNOME desktop environment and I launch it by
> executing "startx" on the command line. I want GNOME to be my default
> desktop environment but launch KDE desktop environment whenever
> necessary.
> How do I go about launching KDE from the command line manually?

IIRC, startkde is supposed to be run from the xsession and likely won't 
work if run directly.

What I do here (Gentoo) is use a script to set/export the XSESSION= 
variable (plus a few others I set for various reasons locally), then run 
startx.  The value of XSESSION points to the appropriate session file in 

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