K-Mail display issue [Solved]

James Kerr jim at jkerr82508.free-online.co.uk
Mon Mar 29 16:14:43 BST 2010

On Monday 29 March 2010 Anne Wilson wrote:

> On Sunday 28 March 2010 22:36:23 James Kerr wrote:
> > Anne, I've just noticed that you've added a paragraph about
> > Mandriva to the Kmail FAQ. Unfortunately, this gives the
> > impression that Mandriva has some convoluted customised version
> > of systemsettings, which so far as I am aware is not the case.
> > (The images in the userbase are what I see on my systems.)
> >
> > The only relevant customised aspect of a Mandriva system is that
> > it labels the Menu entry (and a panel icon) as "Configure Your
> > Desktop". These open systemsettings, from which point the generic
> > instructions in the FAQ apply.
> >
> > If a Mandriva specific comment is needed in the FAQ, then I think
> > that something along the following lines would suffice:
> >
> > "On a Mandriva system to access systemsettings, select "Configure
> > Your Desktop" in the menu or the panel icon with that name."
> >
> > (You can probably phrase that more elegantly than I have done.)
> >
> > As I'm sure you recall (but others may not know),
> > Mandrake/Mandriva has used this naming convention for many years.
> > IIRC at least since KDE2.x. It is done in order to differentiate
> > between KDE settings (which are mainly user preferences) and
> > system-wide configuration which is done by the root user in the
> > Mandriva Control Centre.
> I confess that I was a little surprised - Mandriva are not usually
>  so very different.  Before I change the entry again, can you
>  please just check for me - is the path that Philip gave me an
>  alternative path, or actually wrong?

It seems to me that Philip is attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to 
expand on the generic instructions.

On a Mandriva system, there is no menu entry or icon called "System 
Settings" and so the path begins with  "Configure Your Desktop". 

"Look & Feel"  is the heading for the group of items that includes 
"Appearance". It may be useful to include this step in the generic 
instructions, for those people using the "Classic tree view". In that 
view, "Appearance" is only visible when the Look & Feel group is 
expanded. (Mandriva uses the icon view as default.)

I think that by "Colour Set > Selection" he means that a selection 
needs to be made from the drop-down list in the line captioned "Colour 
set:". "Common Colours" (the initial selection displayed) is clearly 
wrong, since that is the only option that does not include an 
"Alternate Background" setting.

It's possible that some people may need more verbose instructions than 
the generic instructions provide. I don't know. It's difficult to put 
oneself in the position of a neophyte.

There is no doubt that the only Mandriva specific comment that is 
needed is one relating to the name of the menu entry (and panel icon). 
Whether or not the generic instructions need to be expanded would 
depend on how many people have had difficulty following them.


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