K-Mail display issue

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Mar 27 23:41:21 GMT 2010

phillips88 posted on Sun, 28 Mar 2010 09:52:56 +1100 as excerpted:

> On Sun, 28 Mar 2010 09:25:32 you wrote:
>> KDE 4.4.1, KMail 1.13.1
>> Mandriva Linux 2010.0
>> KMail has alternate white and blue lines for every second entry in the
>> folder pane and header pane.
>> I would like to remove these blue lines, but how?
> Sorry guys, found this:-
> "In System Settings->Appearance->Colors->Colors. for each color set
> except Common Colors (which doesn't have it), change the Alternate
> Background to be the same as the Normal Background."
> But what is the "Alternate Background"?  Mandriva has so many
> possibilities! And none that I can see with that exact description or
> similar.  Any clues?

The "alternate background" role is just that, an alternative background, 
as often used every second or third row in lists to make it easier to 
follow the lines across, but how individual applications choose to use it 
is up to each individual application.

For more of the "gory details" (like the fact that common colors are non-
unique, they're the most changed colors from all the other categories, and 
how poorly kde3 color schemes map to kde4 color schemes and why), see the 
help page for that applet, and also the thread on either this list or the 
kde-linux list, from back about 4.2.4 or 4.3.0 time, where Matt (the KDE 
dev maintaining the kcm (kde control module) color applet) and I and a 
couple others sort of hashed out what was at that time rather worse 

BTW, when changing colors, on the scheme and common colors pages, all 
those symbols in the preview mean something (positive, neutral, negative 
text, for instance), and on the other color-sets, the words against the 
backgrounds are setup so you can see how readable the various match-ups 
are.  If you can't read one or more of them, better change something until 
you can, as otherwise, you'll eventually find something using that color-
set that you can't read!

What makes this a bit more difficult is that sometimes, the colors 
actually used aren't one of the directly set roles, but a different shade 
(darkness/lightness) of the same color hue.  Otherwise, there'd be even 
MORE settings to set.  Translucent windows and inactive window fade 
effects change things some as well.  That may be why you're not finding an 
exact match.

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