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Sergei Andreev seajey.serg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 12:49:33 GMT 2010

Duncan, such questions should definitely go to specialized mail list -
for example kde-pim at kde.org

2010/3/25 Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net>:
> Kevin Krammer posted on Wed, 24 Mar 2010 21:53:44 +0100 as excerpted:
>> One of the common misunderstandings around Akonadi is that the
>> relational database is used for storage.
>> Probably introduced by focusing too much on the database part than on
>> the relational part.
>> Akonadi, or more specifically the Akonadi server, is a proxy.
>> Interestingly caching proxies in other domains such as web browsing are
>> understood in terms of their functionality and not their implementation
>> details.
> Thanks... both you and Sergei... I'm rather less worried about the safety
> of my mail, come 4.5, now. =:^)
> Next question, then. =:^)
> Gentoo recently updated from mysql-5.0 to 5.1.  Apparently, mysql doesn't
> always maintain database compatibility on minor upgrades, so the upgrade
> might have screwed up... at least the cache for... just the address book
> this time, if appropriate database upgrade measures weren't undertaken
> with the upgrade.  Now for folks running mysql as a database that they
> know of and intend to have, fine, they know to be cautious about such
> things.  But now we're talking ordinary desktop users just pulling in
> mysql as a kde dependency.  All they care about is that their kde just
> works.
> Now, what happens with kde 4.5, when kmail is dependent on mysql, at least
> for caching as we've seen, and these desktop users with little clue
> they're even running mysql as it's simply a kde dependency, pull in the
> next mysql upgrade?
> Is that going to break kmail until they run some sort of akonadi/kde
> utility to fix it?  Is there even such a utility, or will users be
> expected to groke the mysql documentation to fix things?  Or will akonadi
> detect the problem and automatically rebuild its cache/indexes/whatever,
> in non-zero but "reasonable" time (possibly with a nice slider widget like
> the one that pops up now when kde starts... maybe that's doing a startup
> check to see if a rebuild is necessary?), where "reasonable" might be
> defined as a few minutes while the user can do other stuff, before their
> mail is again available?
> The question restated in short-form:  Does akonadi /transparently/ to the
> user detect database-incompatible mysql backend updates and rebuild its
> cache in a short enough time that said users aren't going to be unduly
> inconvenienced by the rebuild?
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