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Sven ssmail1398-maillist at
Wed Mar 17 08:41:01 GMT 2010

Thank's. This solves it. So it was a bug (sometimes hard to separate a bug 
from a KDE3 to 4 change). I checked the bugs where there was already a bug on 
Classic menu not showing with alt-F1 when auto-hide is set. Turns out that not 
using auto-hide the arrow-navigation in classic menu works as well.

Still on KDE 4.3.4 in Debian sid

Best wishes

(Dont use the kickoff menu since I lack the overview. )

On Wednesday 17 March 2010, Duncan wrote:
> Sven posted on Tue, 16 Mar 2010 19:40:40 +0100 as excerpted:
> > In my KDE 3.5 I access the KDE menu by pressing <alt> F1 then I can
> > navigate the menu selecting programs using the arrow keys.
> >
> > Is this possible in KDE4 ? I manage to open the K menu when pressing
> > <ctrl> <esc> (I think) for several seconds but then need to grab the
> > mouse for navigating.
> It is indeed possible.
> The thing is, in kde4, there's at least three possible kmenu alternatives,
> kickoff, lancelot, and classic, which work slightly differently.
> Meanwhile, they and other widgets found on the panels and desktop
> activities are called plasmoids, in keeping with the name of the desktop
> app, plasma.
> Any plasmoid can have a hotkey associated with it.  Context-click on it
> (normally right click) and select settings for that plasmoid.  One of the
> sections (some have only one, some have more) should be keyboard
> shortcut.  Set that, and you should be able to access the plasmoid
> globally using that shortcut.
> The below status is with 4.4.1 as installed here:
> The default menu plasmoid is kickoff.  Using my assigned shortcut key
> indeed pops it up, with the cursor focus in the search box.  I am indeed
> able to use the arrows and enter key for navigation.
> I don't have lancelot installed ATM so can't try it.
> The classic menu seems to have a bug.  If I activate it with the mouse,
> arrow navigation works.  If I activate it with the hotkey, focus returns
> to the app I was in, and the arrow keys do nothing.  Unfortunately, that
> means keyboard-only activation and navigation is impossible -- it can be
> /activated/ with the keyboard, but then at least one mouse click is
> required to refocus the menu, or activated by mouse and then /navigated/
> with the keyboard, but it doesn't appear possible to both activate and
> navigate it with the keyboard, without at least one mouse click to focus
> on the menu.
> I'm unaware if this bug has been filed.  Perhaps someone else will look it
> up and see.  Meanwhile, kickoff is the default menu.  Perhaps you can use
> it instead?  At least here, activation and navigation /do/ both work with
> it.  And I assume they work with lancelot as well, tho I've not verified
> it as I decided not to install it at the last upgrade.

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