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Anoop posted on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 10:19:40 +0530 as excerpted:

> Hi Bob,
> On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 9:08 AM,  <rnr at> wrote:
>> Hello KDE people
>> Running 4.4
>> I am sight impaired and as a result I have to search out the best
>> fonts, sizes, contrasts, etc. Two of the things I have not been able to
>> solve:
>> On the very top Kwin bar that describes the application you have open,
>> the icons for closing,maximizing, and minimizing are really teeny and I
>> cannot see them. They are probably imbedded because I can find no way
>> to change their size. Any help here or guidance would be appreciated.

> System Settings -> Appearance -> Windows -> Window Decoration -> General
> Change the button size.

Note that this depends on the window decoration style chosen.  The default 
Oxygen decoration has a button size drop-down selector, but many of the 
others do not.

The general button size, as well as the height of the titlebar, should 
also be related to the size of the chosen title font (also under 
appearance, fonts, window title).  Bigger (taller) font, taller title 
bar.  Taller title bar, bigger buttons.  However, that changes the size of 
the buttons but not necessarily the icons within them, again, depending on 
chosen window decoration.  Plastik appears to actuall have text based 
button "icons", so it sizes with the font, Oxygen has the previously 
mentioned icon size selector, the others don't appear to be changeable, at 
least by quick look.

>> Second, the size of the scroll bar and the arrows in it. Can't find a
>> way to change them either. Used to be able to do that in 3.5. As
>> stated, any and all help would be appreciated.

> Sorry, I don't know this.

Again under appearance, this time under style, applications tab.  As with 
the title bar icon config, this depends on the style chosen, only the 
default Oxygen widget style seems to have this much detail config (many 
don't enable the config button at all), but with it, clicking on the 
configure button brings up a multi-tabbed dialog with a scrollbar tab.  
This tab has a width slider, which controls scrollbar width, but the 
little single-line buttons at the top and bottom don't seem to be affected.

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