KGmailNotifier problem

genericmaillists at genericmaillists at
Mon Mar 1 07:24:30 GMT 2010

Has anybody seen this?

I have KGmailNotifier installed and have it set to monitor my gmail
account. Just about an hour ago I set up another gmail account from my

Now KGmailNotifier is watching that account also. It is not set to
watch that account. Some how it knows all the right information. I
checked my settings and there is only one account setup and that one
is the old one not the new one.

I closed the browser and I shut off kgmailnotifier. Started them both
again and it stills looks at the other account. I know it is looking
at the other because it says I have 2 new mail. I do in the new
account but not in the old account.

There is no help documentation for kgmailnotifier.

This has to be a bug.
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