Slow response, due to virtuoso-t, "kdeinit4: plasma-desktop"? HowTo fix? ; jor KDE

giovanni_re john_re at
Sat Jun 26 08:34:08 BST 2010

About every 10 minutes, lasting about 1.5 minutes, virtuoso-t is running
(maybe also "kdeinit4: plasma-desktop"), doing about 100 reads per
second, & slowing things down right then, & I think also in the minutes

I think this might be the source of my system running so slow at times.

I think it might be causing other applications (ex, firefox, or a switch
on the desktop to a different window, when I click to some other
window), to have to do many disk reads to read in cached information,
which has been lost from RAM when virtuoso-t just ran.

==  What is v-t doing?
In the service of what other sw?  Where can this be learned about?  I
didn't find a man page for v-t.

Where can settings for v-t, or the other sw, be viewed, & perhaps
modified?  In the "System Settings" program someplace?

Perhaps one thing that might improve system response times is to run v-t
less often - maybe once per hour, or per day.  Is this possible? Useful?
A good idea?  What would need to be done/modified to achieve that?

Is this KDE specific sw?  Does GNOME also use this?

==  What is "kdeinit4: plasma-desktop" doing?
In the service of what other sw?

Where can settings for "k4 p-d", or the other sw, be viewed, & perhaps
modified?  In the "System Settings" program someplace?

==  System tray "Search Service" - does what?
Note: In the system tray, when this disk IO had been going on (starting
at 1146 PM) for several minutes, I left clicked on the "Search Service"
icon, selected "suspend file indexing", but the IO kept going for
several minutes more, & from iotop it was v-t & k4 p-d running.

Does that suspend mean "don't start it again", or "immediately"? 
Because it didn't stop immediately, but continued for several more

==  Where is the "file search" function?
In KDE 3, IIRC, there was an item in the KDE start button to do a file

I don't see a file search function anywhere under the K-Start button
menu now.

If v-t & "Search Service" are doing an indexing, what sw _uses_ that
index to let the user do a search of the files on the disk?

Thanks  :)

==  System: KUbuntu 10.4 64 bit version, 4 core processor, 4GB RAM, TB
hard disk
iotop -k -a
to monitor IO.

I see:
1) virtuoso-t has 3 running processes which total together the highest
IO reads KB.
2) the 2nd highest read KB is "kdeinit4: plasma-desktop",
3) the 3rd  highest read KB is firefox.

(see cuts from iotop below)

=====  References:
virtuoso-t eats my CPU, should be nice  
   1.   Ubuntu
   2. “kdebase-runtime” package
   3. Bugs
   4. Bug #578215

Virtuoso -t takes 416MB from my RAM

[kubuntu]  Getting rid of virtuoso-t and nepomuk

what to do with virtuoso-t bad habits?

Re: [arch-general] kde44beta - 'virtuoso -t' grabbing ~80% of the CPU
every few minutes

dpkg -l | grep virtuoso | sort
ii  virtuoso-nepomuk                     6.1.0-0ubuntu3                 
                OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source Edition (OSE)

=====  iotop -k -a  ; cuts from, showing largest read KB:
Total DISK READ: 0.00 K/s | Total DISK WRITE: 0.00 K/s
 4218 be/4 .         87812.00 K    548.00 K  ?unavailable? 
 2197 be/4 .        104964.00 K     12.00 K  ?unavailable?  virtuoso-t
 +foreground +configfile /home/-/.cache/virtuoso_hX1757.ini +wait
 2199 be/4 .        110132.00 K      8.00 K  ?unavailable?  virtuoso-t
 +foreground +configfile /home/-/.cache/virtuoso_hX1757.ini +wait
30772 idle .         21340.00 K      0.00 K  ?unavailable? 
nepomukservicestub nepomukstrigiservice
30776 idle .         34728.00 K      0.00 K  ?unavailable? 
nepomukservicestub nepomukstrigiservice
 4592 be/4 .        108536.00 K      4.00 K  ?unavailable?  virtuoso-t
 +foreground +configfile /home/-/.cache/virtuoso_hX1757.ini +wait
  596 be/4 .         28452.00 K    244.00 K  ?unavailable? 
  systemsettings -caption System Settings -icon preferences-system
27477 be/4 .         11044.00 K      0.00 K  ?unavailable?  npviewer.bin
--plugin /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ --connection
 1189 be/4 root      13916.00 K      0.00 K  ?unavailable?  X -nr
 -nolisten tcp :0 vt7 -auth /var/run/xauth/A:0-ZodJta
32139 be/4 .         11908.00 K     24.00 K  ?unavailable?  kdeinit4:
ksysguard [kdeinit]
24239 be/4 .        137204.00 K   2544.00 K  ?unavailable?  firefox-bin
 1735 be/4 .        183092.00 K    272.00 K  ?unavailable?  kdeinit4:
 plasma-desktop [kdeinit]
 1791 be/4 .         17892.00 K     80.00 K  ?unavailable?  kdeinit4:
 kate [kdeinit] -session
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