Aps on desktop disappear & reappear when mouse to bottom of screen KUbuntu 10.4 ; jor kde

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Jun 23 00:23:09 BST 2010

giovanni_re posted on Tue, 22 Jun 2010 14:18:52 -0700 as excerpted:

> I just switched from a vga to dvi monitor, & am now having this problem.
> When i move my mouse pointer down to the bottom of the screen, which is
> supposed to pop up the task bar, all the applications on screen
> disappear, & there is only a blank desktop with the task bar showing.
> When I move my mouse pointer along the bottom of the screen, about every
> quarter inch of screen movement the all the apps appear, then disappear,
> again & again.
> Anyone heard of anything like this?
> I was using a sony vga monitor, & switched to a 5 yr old apple cinema
> LCD DVI display, with a higher resolution.  I tested the monitor dual
> head for several days, setting it to "clone" the display from the vga
> monitor, & didn't see this happening.  When I removed the vga monitor,
> this started happening.

This one's a bit of a tough one, but here's where I'd start:

Have you checked that both the monitor and kde/x agree on the resolution, 
and that it's the native resolution of the LCD?  What about the mouse?  Is 
it possibly in absolute instead of relative mode, with the absolute 
resolution not matching the screen resolution?  I've never seen quite what 
you describe, but I've seen others describe something similar, 

There's normally a button on the monitor that brings up a settings dialog, 
usually with the resolution the hardware is running in.  That'll give you 
the monitor's idea of its resolution.  In kde, you can check kcontrol aka 
system-settings, computer admin, display, size and orientation, to get 
what KDE thinks.  Or type xrandr into a konsole session, to use the X 
tool.  There's also krandrtray, which will give you a little clickable 
tray app to try changing the resolution, etc.

You can also look in your X log, probably /var/log/Xorg.0.log or some 
such, to get the full X setup and initialization log.  That should give 
you all sorts of info, including the possible resolutions your monitor is 
telling X it supports, how they match with X's built-in resolutions and 
the specs on your graphics card, what X actually decides to run with, 
etc.  You should also see some info in there about the mouse, which may 
help with the last question I asked.  (I've never actually used a mouse in 
absolute mode, I think that'd be for touch-screens, etc, so I don't know 
much about how X deals with them.)

Unfortunately, if those match each other and the expected resolution, I 
don't really know where to go from there...

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