No taskbar and wrong desktop size after failing second monitor

Jogchum Reitsma j.reitsma at
Fri Jun 18 07:11:36 BST 2010

Hi all,

For a while I had a second monitor, and had it organized to have two
screens for each desktop, thus creating one desktop over the two
screens. But the second monitor has died, and since then

- I am unable to convince kde to restrict the size of the desktop the
remaining screen
- I lost the task bar, including the menu system.and the widgets on the
right side.

kde version is 4.3.5, on openSuse 11.2.

I have tried to restart plasma-desktop, but that stopping it fails with
"Invalid D-BUS interface name 'org.kde.plasma-desktop.PlasmaApp' found
while parsing introspection", and starting it gives

jogchum at linux-onme:~> plasma-desktop
QDBusObjectPath: invalid path ""
QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "", which already has a layout
ERROR: syntax error
Unrecognized character: /
Unrecognized character: /
ERROR: syntax error
Object::connect: No such signal SystemTray::Manager::jobStateChanged(SystemTray::Job*)
Invalid D-BUS interface name 'org.kde.plasma-desktop.PlasmaApp' found while parsing introspection

I cannot find plasma in qdbusviewer.

Anyone any idea?

Thanks in advance, Jogchum Reitsma

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