Removing Recently Used from Kickoff Launcher

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Wed Jun 9 01:10:50 BST 2010

Tim Johnson posted on Tue, 08 Jun 2010 11:12:32 -0800 as excerpted:

> I'm using KDE 4.2.4 on slackware 13.0 32-bit.
> I am unable to remove Documents from the 'Recently Used' panel.
> Right-clicking and choosing 'Clear Recent Documents' does not work.
>  I note that there is a folder at
>  /home/tim/.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments but there is nothing in it.
>  How do I get rid of the document references? thanks

Hmm...  The documents appear to show up in my RecentDocuments dir, here, 
using kde 4.4.4, and context-menu clearing them does work.

Perhaps it's a bug that's fixed in newer versions?  4.2.4 /is/ rather old, 
not only several monthly micro/bugfix versions old, but two six-month 
minor/feature versions outdated as well.  Your version is well over a year 
out of date, and a *LOT* of kde bugs have been fixed since then!  (4.2.4 
was the kde4 version I got serious about switching from kde3 with, and it 
was still very close to unusable, more alpha than beta quality.  4.4 is 
far better, what I'd call real release candidate status, anyway.  That's 
the number of bugs and missing functionality bits that have been fixed!)

It's a bit of a long shot, but you might also wish to check the system dir 
corresponding to the user dir you mentioned above.  IOW, assuming kde is 
installed to /usr, /usr/share/apps/RecentDocuments.  Normally, that'd be 
an empty dir, but if it contained anything, it'd probably have restricted 
user write permissions, which would explain not being able to delete it as 
your normal user.  How the documents might have gotten into the system dir 
I don't know, but if they're there, it /would/ explain the symptoms.

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