KMail: distribution lists not working

Roman Naumann roman_naumann at
Sat Jun 5 22:48:29 BST 2010

Sorry I didn't mention which version I use. I'm using KDE 4.4.4. Until a few 
days ago, I was using KDE 4.4.3. The distribution I use is Gentoo-Linux. I had 
the same issue with 4.4.3. 

On Saturday 05 June 2010 03:45:00 Bob Stia wrote:
> Not sure I understand what you are saying. You have created a distribution
> list and named it something. You have an email that you want to send to a
> group of people that are on that list. You select that list and on the "To"
> line/box the list name appears. That is correct. Only the distribution list
> will appear although it will be sent to everyone on that named list.

Your understanding is correct. That's the situation - and, up to that 
point, everything you say happens.

> If you want to check that those named recipients are listed, send it to the
> drafts folder and then edit the message. The editor will then display the
> addresses of all of the recipients.

When I save the Email to 'drafts', it just lists one 
recipient: <name of distribution list>.

When I select to send the mail, kmail tries to send it to <name of 
list>@<local hostname>, instead of replacing the name of the list with the 
members of the list..

> If that is not the case I don't know what the problem is. When you open the
> address book and select that list are all the recipients listed?

Yes, all recipients of the distribution list are shown when I select the list 
in KAddressbook.

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