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Fri Jun 4 23:08:05 BST 2010

Roman Naumann posted on Fri, 04 Jun 2010 14:36:52 +0200 as excerpted:

> I can't get distribution lists to work. I tried creating a distribution
> list with KAddressbook and "save distribution list" in KMail. The list
> appears in KAddressbook and KMail fine, but when I send an email to it,
> there is only one recipient set: <listname>@<local hostname>.  (
> degenesis at kira in my case ).
> Any Ideas how to solve this?

Knowing your kde version tends to be useful when looking at such 
problems.  There are some people still using kde 3.5 out there, and the 
answer there can be quite different than for kde4, plus kde4 is evolving 
quite fast so at least the minor version (4.4 being the latest) is 
important there, as well.  Absent that, we'll assume you're using 
something 4.x era, probably 4.4.x.  If you're on 3.5 still, please mention 
it in all future posts to the list, as the assumption barring information 
to the contrary, is a kde4 of the latest minor, tho microversions aren't 
generally so important unless you're talking about one of the bugs they 

FWIW, I'm a kmail user here, using the latest, 4.4.4 as of yesterday when 
I did my ~weekly upgrades (Gentoo/~amd64, plus the gentoo/kde overlay), 
but I use it mostly for receiving mail, on pop3 accounts and the local-box 
administrative maildir account only.  I don't use imap so don't know the 
status of the various imap issues I've read that kmail has historically 
had, and don't send that much mail either, so might not have run into 
issues there even if I might have, otherwise.  On that basis...

Kmail and kaddressbook are in a difficult position for 4.4.  kaddressbook 
has been converted over to the new akonadi framework, while kmail has not 
yet been.  The kmail akonadi switch was originally targeted at 4.5, which 
would have been assumed to be 4.5.0, but the kdepim folks (rightly, IMO) 
don't want to be responsible for another kde 4.0 level mess, so have been 
quite cautious about releasing code that they don't believe is ready for 
mass usage, and have decided the kmail akonadi code isn't likely to be 
ready for 4.5.0, so they're planning on switching with 4.5.1, roughly a 
month later, as of the last kdeplanet blog information I had (I haven't 
read today's kdeplanet feed yet).

Altho as I said I use kmail but don't do a lot of outgoing mail, and 
haven't used the lists feature in some time, so don't know its current 
status personally, it wouldn't surprise me if the distribution lists 
feature is currently broken, since the kaddressbook switch to akonadi with 
4.4.0, with the fix likely when kmail itself switches to akonadi, now 
scheduled for 4.5.1.  I do know some of the other kaddressbook features 
were temporarily broken in the switch, including the former contact 
groups.  Apparently, tagging is supposed to supplant the former groups 
functionality, and you'd filter by tag as desired, but right now, it's 
just a flat list.  Based on that, it's unsurprising to me that the 
distribution list functionality may be broken as well, especially since 
back when I last used it, it was based on the now-broken groups, but as I 
said, it's intended to be only temporary, as they switch to the new 

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