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Felix Miata posted on Wed, 02 Jun 2010 19:12:04 -0400 as excerpted:

> When I click on a download link in Konq 3 and kget comes up to ask where
> to save, it disappears after selection is made. I don't see kget in the
> KDE3 menu system. How do I get a window reporting download progress?

Obviously kde3 is a ways back in time for many of us, now.  However, 

There was a kget app, just not in the menu.  You could start it from 
konsole (thus using tab-completion to get the specific name), or from run 

Here, there was a single dialog that showed overall progress, with a 
button to show per-download details as well.  However, I'm not sure if 
that was the default, or just the way I had it configured.

Also, note that konqueror had its own downloader, with kget able to 
replace it, or not, as configured.

I remember one element of the kget UI was a drop-target, that you could 
drop links on and it would download them.  But I seldom enabled either 
that, or kget in general (and eventually, I stopped installing kget), as 
it seemed kget was more designed for dialup for perhaps ISDN, while even 
the 600-ish kbps DSL I had before cable was fast enough the extra features 
of kget just didn't seem worth the trouble.  I think it may have had a 
systray icon too, but my memory is very fuzzy on that.

Hopefully Dale's still around.  Last I knew, he was still running kde3, 
and should be able to provide rather more accurate details than my now 
fuzzy memory of something now nearing a year off my system.

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