Dolphin and ssh keys in KDE 4.4

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Tue Jan 26 01:58:12 GMT 2010

In KDE 4.3.x, when I opened an sftp location in Dolphin, it would read 
my ssh key (stored in my ~/.ssh/ directory) and would not ask for a 
password.  After updating to 4.4 RC1 (and now RC2), this doesn't happen 
anymore.  Dolphin seems to read hostnames from ~/.ssh/config just fine, 
but it keeps asking me for a password instead of using my ssh key (the 
ssh key itself is not password protected.)

Is this a bug or did something change in KDE 4.4?  The "ssh" and "scp" 
commands work fine.  My ~/.ssh/config has this:

   Host myserv
   User realnc
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity_myserv

Dolphin is able to figure out that "sftp://myserv" means 
"s" (that means the "Host" and "User" 
fields of the config file have effect) but it just won't use my 
~/.ssh/identity_myserv key and will ask for realnc at myserv's password 

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