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Sun Jan 17 20:56:31 GMT 2010

>> Here we are in 2010, & KUbuntu is flat out uncompetitive with the Mac or
>>  Windows, IMO, for, for example, the general college student population
>>  here at U. C. Berkeley, let alone colleges with students of lesser
>>  academic potential - due to the hand holding for configuration, etc,
>>  required, & lack of competitive application sw functionality.
> Kubuntu is just one product shipping with KDE software, there are a lot of
> others, including ones that are not widely known , e.g. custom distributions
> used by governmental institutions, or like on the first generation Acer
> netbooks.

One of the problems is there are a lot of young people that think of
Ubuntu or Kububtu when they hear or talk about Linux. Meaning if
Ubuntu or Kububtu aren't working properly then Linux itself is not
working properly therefore there is no competition for Redmond
Washington or Apple. Another way to say it, If Ubuntu or Kububtu went
away... Linux would be gone. They are so into Ubuntu or Kububtu that
they don't care about any other distribution. They don't associate
another distribution with Linux, although they know there are other

I will never use any of the Ubuntu distros because they pose a
security risk having the root account tied directly to the first user
account. Once an intruder breaches that user account the entire OS is
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