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giovanni_re john_re at
Sun Jan 17 07:52:26 GMT 2010

Thanks for your interest in the well being of the KDE project, Dotan.  :)

Summary, Dotan:  I sense the presence of some _deep_ cover operatives here, people who are not who they seem to be.  People who, actually, rather than working to straight out _kill_, are working on something more diabolical: working to turn (among many, but certainly in this case) the KDE project into _always_ something just shy of success.  Not exactly the living dead, but, just so tinily more than that that it will _absolutely not _ever__ be competitive with, in the mind of the general public, Microsoft Windows.

See, I can specifically recall Linus Torvalds, in about 1998? 9? 2000?, down at the Linux World conference in San Jose, california, 5000-10000 people in the audience, video recorded, big crowd, where he said he thought there would be a competitive GUI desktop in about 2005.  At the time, 5 years away, given the momentum the KDE project had then, seemed excessively far in the future, AFAI conceived the situation.  It seemed it should be 2002, maybe 3 at the latest.

Here we are in 2010, & KUbuntu is flat out uncompetitive with the Mac or Windows, IMO, for, for example, the general college student population here at U. C. Berkeley, let alone colleges with students of lesser academic potential - due to the hand holding for configuration, etc, required, & lack of competitive application sw functionality.

& me, I'm an _effortful_ encourager of Freedom (GNU) (& BSD, fwiw) sw., to people. ... I encourage, but I can't deny the terrible lack of progress in the _crucial_, _competitive_ areas, against the major commercial offerings, since at least 2005.

Don't get me wrong: KDE & GNOME have progressed.  But, it seems to me there are people who are not as they seem.

Might it take only 100, 20, 10, 5 key people to make that happen - to hold things back by merely derailing, or sidetracking things by a negative, poo poo ish attitude?  ["I think that you are exaggerating."]  Just, little, constant, negative things, that depress a progress, working forward attitude.

Not saying it's you, Dotan, it's just that kind of thing & attitude "no problem, nothing to see here folks, move along".

Let's just call it a lack of sufficient paranoia in the KDE, or Linux (probably not in the GNU(Linux)) community.

Where is the streaming video from CampKDE? Where was the promotion to the community of the streaming video?  Where is the indication they are recording talk videos & making them available the same day?  Where is the live voice global conferencing for CampKDE & promotion to all the major LUGs throughout the world? [Oh, well, I put my effort in on that part. ;) ]
Happy, dappy, pretty graphics. Balloons! :)  Flying ships in the clouds! :) Happy happy happy!  :) :) :)

Anyway, I do my part for progress:
CampKDE Jan 15-18 Ride Share SanDiego, VOIP; BerkeleyTIP
"CampKDE is in SDiego this weekend. I didn't see this announced on
KernelPanic - Did yall know bout it?

Someone should tell the LA people, but i don't have time. You can
forward this message if you like.

& thats the LUG in the city where CampKDE is happening!  :(  What about the _other_ 20 LUGs in California?  What about the Ubuntu-California team?  Zip, nada, nothing.  [Roit.]

Someone's head's on backwards (if at all). :(

Anyway - "Hi, y'all, to whomever you deep cover folks are. :)  You _are_ doing a bang up job!" [ >:| ]

Me, for my part (in Freedom SW progress) - I do my job.  Come on by the BerkeleyTIP Global via Voice conference later today, Sunday, Jan 17.  We'll get down to the real deal. ;)

Money quote (from the next 2 paragraphs): "I know at least personally I have started to tone down my efforts to get more people to register a little for fear of bringing in more folks than we can handle."

Justin Kirby (neomantra): So much to do, oh how we need you; Monday 05:21 pm 2010.01.1

^^ What a J-O-K-E  ...   :(

My point: A KDE event in the USA in 2010 should have 1000 people in attendance, period.  All it takes is a person competent in event management.  Boston, NewYork, WashingtonDC, maybe Los Angeles, or Silicon Valley / San Francisco.  Hold CampKDE with SCALE next month in LA in February. 100 people???? That is ridiculous. :( - Well, if it were not for the deep cover people. :(

"Changing gears, I’d like to remind everyone that Camp KDE is now nearly upon us at last and from what I hear we’ve got over 80 people coming!  There’s still some space left so if you can make it out to sunny San Diego, CA for some or all of Camp KDE be sure to register and come join us.
I remember sitting around at the Promo sprint back in November and hearing Cornelius say how we only had 12 people registered so far and that if we can’t get 100 people to an event in the USA (without just sending our whole European community overseas) we might want to reconsider the idea of a yearly North American conference.  Well
we may not hit 100 North Americans this time but that’s at least partially because the venue can only hold 100 people.  I know at least personally I have started to tone down my efforts to get more people to register a little for fear of bringing in more folks than we can handle.  Next year I say we think bigger all around.  With several months lead time, another good location, and a venue to hold 200 people I’m totally convinced we could exceed his expectations ;-)  "

Anyway, that's all my time budget for this today. :)

If you (you, who is reading these words right now) want to make sure that _you_ are making progress, subscribe to the BerkeleyTIP mailing list to keep in touch,
& come to the Global Free SW HW Culture meetings, live via voice meetings.

On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 19:24:17 +0200, "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at> said:
> It looks to me like you are suggesting that Canonical is trying to
> kill KDE based on the fact that a mailing list mod rejected your
> off-topic post to that list.

The good part of what you say here is that you do seem to grasp that I am indicating there seems to be a serious problem over at the KUbuntu entity.  I think whatever is the situation & cause there it is having major negative consequences for both the KUbuntu _& KDE_ communities & projects.

i think it is a serious & important issue that deserves the cognition of the KDE group mind.  Thanks for putting your part of the group mind onto this issue.

My intent was 1) to alert KDE group mind, so that 2) KDE GM would have (increased) awareness of important problem(s) going on at KUbuntu, so that 3) If indeed correct, then the KDE GM could engage & take action to improve that situation.

As I stated (due to my limited & lact of time), my suspicions were based on more than what you indicate (one fact), but a # of facts, only the most recent/relevant of which I indicated in my communication:

"this one (_of several_) strange (in my opinion) actions " - note "several".

Also, my post to the KU list can not properly/correctly be considered "off-topic". I believe it was in fact _exactly&perfectly_ on topic.  This is because i'm highly sure the current "topicality" of the list, as concieved of by perhaps at least the KUbuntu (if not Ubuntu) "leadership" is fully inappropriate & innacurate (persons there have indicated they concieve of that list as a help list, when properly it is instead a community list, not a help list - that is a _very_ important point, perhaps in fact the 2nd most important point (# 1 point being that there is _something_ seriously flawed/wrong at the (K)Ubuntu leadership), which i strongly wish i had time to address here, now, but i don't have that time. - (knowing that, my original, proper goal was to alert the KDE GM, as I did, so that resultant cognition would follow. - necessary low expectaions/hopes/goal.)

[The help list is (ie, should be) properly, conceptually & by specific name] "KUbuntu-Help" - nothing more, nothing less.]

> I think that you are exaggerating.

Thanks for this input.  The good part of what you say here is that your mind has concluded "an inappropriately/unjustified size reaction of giovanni_re to the facts of the matter."  I did not _exaggerate_, I merely stated some facts, & some of my probabalisticly high detected possible important causes.

_Part_ of the reason i sent my message was to get improved proportionating/perspective information from the group mind (GM) so as to calibrate & (hopefully) improve my evaluation/estimation abilities.  So, thanks for that part of your message.

I think that your base conclusion is wrong: my conclusion from the facts is 1st order correct - what is being done at (K)U leadership is in fact tending/affecting to kill KU/KDE, perhaps not deliberately, but _definitely_ _in fact_.


If anyone wishes to help improve the world, by increasing awareness of the situation, & discussing it, & helping to devise & implement possible improvements, I'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you about those matters at any of the global via voice F SW HW Culture meetings of BerkelyTIP.  I (& berkeleytip people) put that together for those communities as part of our volunteer contributions to those communities.

Anyone interested in any aspect of KDE or KU is invited to attend the BTIPGlobal meeting via voip to talk with me, or anyone, about it, & even set up a KDE or KU specific conference if you wish.
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