Finally, I downgraded.

B.W.H. van Beest bwvb at
Sat Jan 16 23:08:31 GMT 2010

Sorry gents, but after two month of stumbling with KDE 4 (OpenSuse 11.2)
I downgraded my Suse 11.2 back to 11.1.
Reason?  KDE 4 is still not ready for serious work. At least not for me.
It is too much geared in my view to have a nice look, but I find it
Nothing works the intuitive way!    Everything is slow. It is the Vista
of Linux. 

I know that much work has been done, and is still ongoing, to get KDE in
shape. I truly appreciate this work.  For me, I will wait another year,
to give it another try.

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