lost my connection to addressbook

Gracia M. Littauer gracia at yadtel.net
Fri Jan 15 20:59:07 GMT 2010

I was in <distribution lists> in kaddressbook, I think, & closed it yesterday. 
Today it looks like there is nothing  in my kaddtessbook, BUT I see all the 
files in .kde/share/apps/kabc & it will add some addresses to my email so I 
know there are addresses in the kabc file which looks very muck like a backup 
file. It looks to me as if kmail can't talk (properly) to kaddressbook & is 
finding strang address to add when I put a letter into the To: line.

Any suggestions on how to fix it without losing all my addresses ;^( ??

Gracia in Cooleemee, NC- on Zenwalk 6.2
Cogito, ergo sum
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