KDE 4.3.4 cannot start

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at tomahawk.com.sg
Wed Jan 13 04:50:51 GMT 2010

James Tyrer wrote:
> I have these packages installed:
> DBus
> DBus-Glib
> HAL-Info
> PolicyKit
> EggDBus
> polkit
> ConsoleKit
> I don't really know if they are all really dependencies for KDE, but 
> they are what is normally installed on a system using D-Bus/HAL/PolicyKit.

All are installed here too.

> If you installed KDE-4 in a directory other than "/usr" or "/usr/local" 
> you need to add the directory to the list in:
> /etc/dbus-1/session-local.conf

The KDE is installed in /usr.

> The other suggestion for debugging would be to start X with only an X 
> terminal and then execute:
> If you don't get an answer, then:
> 	eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session`
> and check it:
> With D-Bus up and running, execute:
> 	<full_path>/startkde >kde.log 2>&1
> This should give you a shorter log with only KDE issues.
> There are also tools for D-Bus: dbus-*.  Read the man pages

Here is what I did:

1. cat > .xinitrc << "EOF"
# Begin .xinitrc file
xterm -g 80x40+0+0 &
xclock -g 100x100-0+0 &

2. startx

3. On xterm:
eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session`


4. On xterm:
/usr/bin/startkde >kde.log 2>&1

xmessage pop up:
Could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?

Here is the kde.log:

kdostartupconfig4(7634) main: Running kdostartupconfig.
kdostartupconfig4(7634) main: 
kdostartupconfig4(7634) KLocalePrivate::initEncoding: Cannot resolve 
system encoding, defaulting to ISO 8859-1.
xset: bad font path element (#23), possible causes are:
Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
Directory missing fonts.dir
Incorrect font server address or syntax
Link points to "/tmp/testuser-kde4/kde-testuser"
Link points to "/var/tmp/testuser-kde4/kdecache-testuser"
Link points to "/tmp/testuser-kde4/ksocket-testuser"
startkde: Starting up...
startkde: Could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?


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