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Sun Jan 3 21:00:17 GMT 2010

Rick Miles posted on Mon, 04 Jan 2010 07:06:54 +1100 as excerpted:

> I have in the past just sent text emailsusing kmail but recently I have
> tried to forward emails that are html  containing pictures and have only
> been able to come up with text and no accompanying pictures.
> Where and what are the settings for forwarding emails? I would like to
> be able to continue using text but be able to forward complete html
> emails from time to time.

What you may want to do is use the "forward as attachment" option, 
instead of the "forward inline" option.  At least here, that attaches the 
entire thing.  Forwarding inline does that -- the attachments still come 
too, but the message itself is forwarded as plain text, at least as I'm 
setup here (always only send plain text).

BTW, you hijacked a thread, probably by using reply (on a post of Dotan 
Cohen's on the Cannot start Akonadi thread) and then changing the subject 
line.  That keeps the same references header from the thread you 
hijacked, despite your change of subject, so will appear on clients that 
use the references header as intended, on the thread you hijacked.  Just 
so you know, that's not considered particularly polite, but a lot of 
folks don't realize it works that way on "good" clients, until they are 
told, so I'm telling you. =:^)  To get it right, instead of hitting reply 
and changing the subject, just use the "new message" functionality.  
Depending on your client settings (kmail, for instance, has the ability 
to set a particular folder as a mailing list folder, with the address 
automatically set appropriately if you start a message while in that 
folder... if you then have a filter setup to direct all mail from that 
list to that folder, both incoming and outgoing mail to that list are 
handled automatically), you may or may not have to type in the list 
address manually, but at least you won't be hijacking a different thread 
that way.

(This is, BTW, using kmail 1.12.4, part of kde 4.3.4.  You didn't mention 
what version you were using, but I /think/ the functionality has been 
similar for awhile.)

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