How to remove the tooltips?

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Tue Feb 23 13:51:03 GMT 2010

Dotan Cohen posted on Mon, 22 Feb 2010 20:16:23 +0200 as excerpted:

> The tooltips in Plasma are driving me crazy! How do I disable the
> tooltips in the Add Widgets dialogue? They cover the other widgets and
> make it impossible to use.

Hmm... You're talking the tooltips for the icons on on the new 4.4 
plasmoid-picker, right?

Here, they appear to be floating quite deliberately above (Y dimension, 
not Z-order) the row of plasmoid icons themselves, tho they do somewhat 
cover (Z-order) the category selectors.  At least here, when activated to 
add to the desktop or a bottom panel, the picker sits horizontally across 
the bottom of the screen, leaving room for the tooltips above, no 
problem.  Given that I have dual monitors, my top panel (mostly yasp-
scripted plasmoids, plotting performance and displaying the last 20-some 
lines of log, etc)) is as tall as kde will let me make it, a third of the 
(top) screen (they're stacked)  400 px on a 1200 px tall monitor, so 
there's plenty of room above the plasmoid picker for the tooltips there as 
well.  That's the plasma-desktop layout on my main machine anyway.

I've not touched my netbook plasma layout since 4.4, but will play with 
the search and launch and newspaper layouts a bit, now that they're there 
to play with, as I'm not really satisfied with the plasma-desktop layout 
there.  Presently I have a system performance monitor top panel there as 
well, but it's on autohide (my main machine has it always-on-top), and it 
keeps springing up and getting in the way when my pointer hits the top of 
the screen, so I end up shutting plasma-desktop off part of the time when 
I'm running a full-screen app to avoid the interference, and it's 
definitely not optimal!

I /do/ wish they'd have a panel fold-back button like there was in kde3, 
as I used to just use that when I wanted the panels to stay out of the 
way, but kde doesn't ship with one (unless it was added for 4.4 and I 
haven't discovered it yet) and I've not seen one on kde-look, either, 
unfortunately.  I expect there will eventually be one, which would be 
nice, as it certainly solved the get-the-stupid-panels-out-of-the-way,
I'm-working-on-something-else-and-they're-only-bothering-me, issue on kde3.

But now that you mention it, I'm not sure how the plasmoid-picker would 
behave if used on a top panel, but one short enough that the tooltips 
wouldn't fit above the plasmoid picker.  From the behavior here, it does 
appear that the thing was designed for usage at the bottom of the screen.  
They may not have contemplated use on a short panel at the top of the 
screen, where it's possible the tooltips wouldn't fit above (Y-dimension) 
the icon row and thus would cover (Z-order) the icons themselves.  And I 
don't know how it works on a vertical panel either, as I don't have any 
here to try it on.  The algorithm that seems to effectively keep the 
tooltips out of the way when it's used at the bottom of the screen (or at 
the bottom of my 400 px top panel) wouldn't work in those situations, so 
if other algorithms haven't been designed for them or fail to trigger for 
some reason, yes, I'd expect the tooltips to get in the way.

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