static line break persistent bug.

paulo paulo.jnkml at
Fri Feb 19 06:24:34 GMT 2010


> You seem to have a lot of issues that no-one else is seeing.  Perhaps you'd 
> like to explain exactly what you mean by all this 'static line break' stuff?  
> I tried to follow your instructions, but couldn't understand them.
> Anne
well static line break is the option you can set on your editor to break 
your lines when the line gets to a certain length.
When you're programming, and specially in the old days(...) terminals 
had a limit of 80 chars. So if you still use a term and your code has 
lines longer than 80 chars, it becomes really messy to read.

However, when you enable this option on the kde based apps, like kile or 
kwrite, etc, you get the behavior I described.
If you're editing a word, and the cursor has chars before and after it 
(no spaces) the cursor jumps the chars in front on a static word wrap.

So if I add "bar" to a "foo(cursor)word" I get a "foowordbar(cursor)" 
when it should be "foobar(cursor)word".


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