KDE4.4 breaks pulseaudio sound

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 18 19:26:35 GMT 2010

paulo wrote:
> Hi,
> Just installed kde4.4, and I have absolutely no sound from kde.
> Kmix, amarok, etc, (basically all apps that use phonon) break on startup.
> Actually they don't even start.
> Even system settings will lock when I try to access the sound settings.
> However the sound still works. For example, I can use mplayer a select 
> alsa directly (with the -ao foo).
> So this seems to be a pulseaudio bug.
This is strange.  Just got KDE-4.4 running yesterday after some compile 
issues so I might not be much help.

I find that if I open: "Multimedia" in SystemSettings that I no longer 
have PulseAudio listed as a choice for an Output Device.  So, I checked 
and, yes, Phonon was built with PulseAudio support.

So, although I have no problem playing sound through my hardware device 
(the only choice listed), I am very puzzled.

The place to start is with SystemSettings.  What does your install list 
if you go to: "Multimedia" in SystemSettings?

James Tyrer

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