static line break persistent bug.

paulo paulo.jnkml at
Thu Feb 18 15:43:03 GMT 2010

all the kde-based applications that use the document editor widget have 
the same bug.

Ex apps: kile, kwrite, etc.
if you set the static line break, when editing something like:

(t0) write some text and stop just before the line break, and go back 
two words:
line of text (cursor)| some text |(static line break)

(t1) write more words (notice the cursor glued to the last word in the line:
line of text new word foo|more |(static line break)
text (this text was warped to the next line)

(t3) continue writing "bar" and...:
line of text new word |(static line break)
foomorebar|(cursor jumps word in front of the cursor) text

this is a simple to find and correct bug, but I don't really have time 
right now.
Can anyone take care of it?

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