Issues; KDESupport-4.4

James Tyrer jrtyrer at
Thu Feb 18 06:38:20 GMT 2010

Final report on KDESupport-4.4:

I also find that the Phonon project has moved to:

So, since the current version in KDESupport-4.4 is 4.4Beta1, you might 
want to use GIT to check it out there to keep up to date till 
Phonon-4.4.0 released.

KDESupport-for-4.4 installs PolKit-Qt-0.9.2 which is not the current 
version.  You need 0.9.3 which you can build from this tarball:

I have updated the LFS dependencies page of the TechBase tutorial:

with complete information on this and other KDESupport-4.4 issues.

If you have any issues with the updated tutorial, please post them here.

James Tyrer

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