kde ssh xterm vim problem

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Feb 17 10:45:22 GMT 2010

genericmaillists posted on Wed, 17 Feb 2010 04:45:38 -0500 as excerpted:

> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 4:36 AM, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net> wrote:
>> genericmaillists posted on Tue, 16 Feb 2010 22:40:52 -0500 as
>> excerpted:
>>> I am running PCLinuxOS with kde4.3.4 and discovered that vim won't
>>> work over ssh in an xterm session. It will work over a real terminal
>>> though. I don't have another kde4 distro to try this on (trying to see
>>> if this is a kde problem or a distro problem). I know this was not a
>>> problem with the several distros I tried that I still have kde3.5.10
>>> running.
>> ssh isn't kde, neither is vim, neither is xterm, so why is this kde
>> related and why is this posted here?  It would appear to be a distro
>> related issue, so that's where I'd start, your distro forums/lists/
>> newsgroups/channels, as appropriate.
> Its actually the konsole (which I thought I saw at some point was called
> or treated as xterm by kde) running in kde4 where the problem is
> happening. That is kde. I have also posted this on the distro forum. If
> I drop out to a text terminal the problem does not exist.

Well, konsole is kde's terminal window application, just as xterm is the 
generic X terminal window app, gterm is the gnome terminal app, etc...

However, there's a bit of a difference in that konsole requires the kde 
libs, uses kde colorschemes, and includes by default the kde environmental 
variables, so it'll start kde apps without issue where others might not.

But as far as running non-kde apps, it should be about the same (unless 
they are sensitive to the kde exported variables, maybe to be specifically 
kde compatible or something).

Anyway, I suspect that it's X socket permission related or the like, but I 
don't know a lot about it, only enough to sort of fix it when I'm running 
apps as another user here, and I don't do much ssh at all (only limited, 
to my openwrt based router), so I can't really do a lot but hopefully 
steer you in the right direction.  Perhaps others here will be a bit more 
help, but as I said, your best help is likely to be from your distro, if 
it has good user forums/etc, or from google, now that you know a bit about 
what to google (X socket permissions, with or without ssh added as well), 
or from some of the more generic X or ssh related forums/lists/groups/etc.

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