kde 3, 4, 4.5[?] How to install to kde 4 (or newer)?

hud ramelan narcoamnesia at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 23:16:58 GMT 2010

Hi there!

I'm somewhat of a Newbie to both the great land of UNIX, LINUX &c., as well
as the kde desktop (or for that matter...just the concept of distros which
have different desktop options (e.g., GNOME, kde).

I have been running PCLINUXOS 2009 for the past few weeks with kde 3
packaged with it.  I have noticed that kde has advanced to kde 4 or 4.5 and
that kde 3 is somewhat outdated.

E.g., I want to install KTTS/KTTSD which I gather is compatible with kde 4+
and not so compatible with kde 3. Reading onscreen makes my eyes irritated.

 I also wish to install the appropriate K -FAX application that will allow
me to use my Connexant Smart Modem (fax) over a land line (using a TP-Link
ADSL modem/router).  I do not wish to use ┬┤fax over internet protocol┬┤, so
to speak.

Many of the efax apps appears to be just that: email based faxing.


1. How do I update or install kde 4[+] over an existing kde 3 desktop

2. Which is the best fax software to use for actual modem-landline usage
that is well suited for kde?

3.  Is there a way to download an entire kde-related manual instead of
hitting links after links and printing out one or two pages -- when there
are hundreds of pages to read?!  I dislike reading online.

4.  I recently ran into troubles with updates and discovered that I needed
to try a few different repositories before things worked properly again.
 The repository that worked was one of the few  FTP server-based options.
 Many were http:ftp combos  >8>- ...

Can anyone explain this state of affairs without too much bother?

MANY TANKS (sorry for so MANY K-uestions!)

 Hud (Greater Toronto Area)
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