Lost System Items

Draciron Smith draciron at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 07:49:43 GMT 2010

I'm running FC12 so it's not quite the same but usually 1 version in
FC isn't a big deal.
This is my KDE base ver. kdebase-4.3.5-3.fc12.i686

Noticed you seem to be a minor version back from me. Do you use manual
or automatic updates? Try a yum update and see if you get new KDE
stuff bringing you up to

Haven't lost that functionality myself though I haven't rebooted after
most recent KDE upgrades. I usually only reboot for security fix
kernel upgrades or if the power fails. Takes way to long to open
everything back up again to reboot more than a couple times a year.

If you log in as root does the functionality return?

Are you getting any SELinux alerts?  Last few years it's gotten where
the first thing I look at is SELinux when something suddenly fails.

Not sure where KDE would log any errors. Don't remember seeing any in
.xsessionerrors or in any of the /var/log files. Maybe KDE has just
been really well behaved for me :)

Hopefully that functionality doesn't vanish for me if I reboot. I use
switch user quite frequently. Very helpful when walking somebody
through something in Gnome if you are looking at basically the same
thing they are.
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