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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Feb 9 12:30:20 GMT 2010

On Monday 08 February 2010 23:18:28 Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) wrote:
> Hi all,
> Actually I have been had these problems from KDE 4.1.  I'd like to know if
> anyone had the same experiences.
You haven't said which version of KDE you are using now, and answers do depend 
on that.

> 1. When logging into KDE, the kde-wallet would launch a dialog asking my
> question to open a wallet.  At the same time, many other KDE/non-KDE
> applications are launching too.  If I input my password BEFORE KMail
> launch, then KMail will NEVER launch automatically.  I need to launch it
> myself.  If I WAIT there, KMail will launch automatically, and then I
> input my password and everything goes normally.
> I can reproduce it on the PCs in my office and my home.  Do you guys have
> the same problem?  Or did anyone discuss it before?  I did some simple
> search in kde-user but didn't find anything.
That does sound extremely strange, and I haven't heard of anyone else 
reporting this.  Depending on which version of KDE you have, you may have a 
Save Session in your kickoff menu.  If I were you I'd try to make sure that 
everything was shut down, then do a Save Session.  If you actually want some 
things to start up automatically you can add them later, but at least you'd be 
starting from a clean sheet.  I do recall that in some early version of KDE 
4.x I did have Kontact starting up automatically even though I didn't want it 
to, but at that point Save Session wasn't an option.

> 2. Recently, maybe just one or two days ago, when KMail started, it would
> do a lot of hard drive I/Os.  The whole system was slowed down.  I used
> top to see which process was doing hard drive I/O, and no doubt it was
> KMail.  KMail took nearly 50% of CPU time.  Its process status was mostly
> D.  My hard drive access LED flashed very frequently.  After about seven
> or eight minutes (or longer), it then stopped, and everything is okay.
> Does anyone know what KMail is doing when it starts?  I tried to stop
> receiving mail but hard drive accesses were still going.
That sounds to me as though you are on late a 4.3.x version - possibly one of 
the beta or release candidates for KDE SC 4.4.  If that is so you are hitting 
a bug in the KMail application that causes it to search over-zealously for 
address matches.  This wasn't realised as being the problem until about 2 
weeks ago.  Updating to 4.4 should cure it.

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