k3b plugin issues

Steven P. Ulrick lists-kde at afolkey2.net
Wed Feb 3 23:16:42 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone
I am sending this here because the k3b list seems kind of dead of late...
I am running Fedora 12, fully updated.  I am attempting to compile k3b from 
extragear/multimedia.  It builds and installs fine every time that I try it, 
but I have been having this nagging problem: SOMETIMES the 
encoding/decoding plugins are not detected.
I guess a question would be, when my installation of K3B from 
extragear/multimedia detects the plugins correctly, where is it finding 
them?  I know that I have all the appropriate k3b RPM's for the KDE3 
version of K3B installed, and they are picked up consistently when I run 
that version.  I have even located the KDE3 .plugin files, and looked to see 
if there is anything similar installed for my extragear/multimedia/k3b 
install of K3B.  I have not found anything plugin related :(

Just for example, the Mad decoder plugin SEEMS to be built:

-- Found Mad: /usr/include
   * Mad mp3 - Needed for the mp3 audio decoder plugin.
Scanning dependencies of target k3bmaddecoder_automoc
Generating k3bmaddecoder.moc
[  0%] Built target k3bmaddecoder_automoc
Scanning dependencies of target k3bmaddecoder
[ 49%] Building CXX object 
[ 50%] Building CXX object 
[ 50%] Building CXX object 
[ 52%] Linking CXX shared module ../../../lib/k3bmaddecoder.so
[ 52%] Built target k3bmaddecoder

Also, the Mad decoder plugin SEEMS to be installed:

[ 90%] Built target k3bmaddecoder_automoc
[ 91%] Built target k3bmaddecoder
-- Installing: 
-- Set runtime path of 
"/usr/local/spu/k3b/k3b-20100203-1659/lib64/kde4/k3bmaddecoder.so" to 
-- Installing: 

But, when I start K3B, I have no plugins.

Here is my cmake command:
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/spu/k3b/k3b-$(xdate) -
DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-fno-var-tracking-assignments" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=custom

Here is the full output of the above cmake command:

Here is the full output from "make install":

I wouldn't doubt that I have done/not done something really stupid to cause 
myself this difficulty.  All I know is that for whatever reason, sometimes 
K3B does not locate the plugins that it needs, and sometimes it does...

Oh yeah.  Whenever I compile and install K3B from extragear/multimedia, I 
delete my old build directory and start with a new one.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Steven P. Ulrick
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