Pam configuration for KDE 4.3

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Tue Feb 2 22:00:08 GMT 2010

thierry.jeanmougin at posted on Tue, 02 Feb 2010 22:11:03 +0100
as excerpted:

> some (very little) progress: I've checked the permissions and changed
> owner of kdm to root:
> # ls -l /opt/kde/4.3.4/bin/kdm
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 157113 jan 29 19:25 /opt/kde/4.3.4/bin/kdm
> still the same problem, but not exactly the same messages in
> /var/log/auth.log

Does it perhaps need to be setuid?  (I don't have it installed here as I 
don't use it, so can't check what it is here.)

You did say that logging in at a text console (CLI) and running startx 
worked, you just couldn't switch users.  However, in theory at least, you 
should be able to login at the console again, as a different user, and 
startx on a new VT using a new display number.  The first/default session 
is display 0, also known as :0 (as kept in the DISPLAY variable, echo 
$DISPLAY in a konsole window to see), typically found on VT7 (as the first 
six are normally text consoles).  Try 

startx -- 1

to start a second session, on display 1 using, probably, VT8.  You should 
then be able to switch between them using the standard VT switching keys, 
typically CTRL-ALT-Fx, where Fx is normally F7 for the first X session, F8 
for the second, F1 for the first text VT, F2 for the second, etc.

I've never done that and am not quite setup to do it here (X tries to 
start an invalid TWM session by default here, instead of starting the 
valid kde session, I normally run a script that sets things up a bit 
first, but that script isn't setup to take VTs, so I can't start a second 
session), but I did just try it, and a second X session did start, it just 
quit right away as the default TWM session it was trying to run was 
invalid.  So it should work if the default session points to KDE or 
something else valid.  If so, it won't give you the graphical login, but 
once your logged in as two separate users, each running a separate X/KDE 
session, you should be able to switch X sessions running as their 
respective users with just the CTRL-ALT-Fx sequence. =:^)

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