How to make KDE being more friendly when logging out?

Alex Schuster wonko at
Mon Dec 20 19:23:04 GMT 2010

Bruce Korb writes:

> I don't like pressing Ctl-Alt-Shift-PageDown only to discover
> the next day that the system did not actually go down because
> a confirmation was ultimately needed.  Perhaps suspend the
> shutdown for a few minutes, but if the operator goes
> non-responsive after a shutdown order, then it is incumbent
> upon kde shutdown to finish the shutdown, period.

Hmmm, this doesn't seem to work either on my Linux. It happens quite often 
that when I log out, some application (kmymoney most of the time, sometimes 
dolphin) opens a window that the application has crashed, and this windows 
stays, at least for some minutes. Sometimes I do not even see this window, 
because another application (tvbrowser, I wonder why that one did not quit) 
is in front of it, and kwin is no longer running.

Oh, and what about the notification that there are sessions running on other 
ttys? That seems to come late in the shutdown process, and needs to be 
confirmed I think.

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