keeping configuration files for both kde 3.5 and kde 4.3

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Mon Aug 30 19:01:04 BST 2010

We would like to upgrade our linux desktops from Opensuse 10.2 to Opensuse
11.2.  Currently we are using KDE 3.5 and setting KDEHOME to $HOME/.kde_3.5
and modifying kdeglobals [PATHS] to point to a
different desktop and trash folder

kdeglobals entry


Since it appears that KDE 4 is using $HOME/.kde4, I figured that none of the
configuration files would overwrite each other and each desktop could run
independently -
what I mean is that I could login to a box running Opensuse 11.2 and Kde 4.3
and everything would work and then login to the new box with Opensuse 10.2
and Kde 3.5
and none of the configuration files would clash.

After using the Opensuse 11.2 box with KDE 4, I went to login to my old box
and it would not log in and apparently the Kde 4 configuration files had
some of the Kde 3.5 files and I couldn't get into the old desktop.  Please
note that when running Opensuse 11.2, I make sure the KDEHOME variable is
NOT set (I don't know if Kde 4 uses that value anyways).

Any help with this configuration issue would be appreciated.

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