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Sat Aug 28 08:30:42 BST 2010

James Colby posted on Fri, 27 Aug 2010 21:11:09 -0400 as excerpted:

> I have tried quitting the applications three different ways, all with
> the same results.  1)  By clicking on the window manager 'X', 2) By
> choosing File -> Quit from within the application, 3) By right clicking
> on the system tray icon and choosing quit.  All methods leave the same
> phantom icon in the system tray.

#2 and #3 should actually quit the app, not just minimize to tray (as #1 
will often do for tray apps, depending on config).

> Is it possible that there is some external library that needs to be
> updated along with 4.5?  If that is true would cmake let me know that
> I'm missing a dependency?

That's possible, but that's a thicket I don't want to tackle if it can be 
avoided... in part because once we get to that point, I /might/ be able to 
figure out enough to muddle thru it if I were actually there myself, but 
it's doubtful I'll be of much help over the list.  (... Well, other than 
the brute force method of listing all the dependencies as Gentoo has them, 
and the versions I have installed here... and then there's build-order, 
with revdep-rebuild the tool gentoo uses for that, that could be wrong 
even if you actually have the correct dependencies installed now.)

Is the "phantom" icon still responsive to context-clicks and does it still 
display a tooltip (assuming you don't have that turned off) if hovered 

What happens if you toggle desktop effects off?  Does the icon disappear?  
(There's a default keyboard shortcut for toggling it, tho I've changed 
mine.  The default is... looking it up... alt-shift-f12 .)

What happens if you try killing plasma-desktop (from krunner or a konsole 
window, traditional SIGTERM method: killall plasma-desktop, kde/dbus 
method: kquitapp plasma-desktop), then restarting it?  Is the icon still 
there, or now gone?

I'm wondering if it's simply an OpenGL or similar display glitch, tho 
given the different hardware and drivers you've tried, I don't really see 
how it could affect all of them.  None-the-less...

Also, do try playing with the systray config options for that icon.  When 
it's still shown, does setting the systray option to hide that icon hide 
it, or...?

And finally, does ps/top/ksysguard/system-activity (the last being 
available from the icon in krunner) still show the app after you've "quit" 
it, or does it disappear from process list at that point?

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