gwenview presentation: fade audio when playing video

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I have originally posted this question to the gwenview list, but I was 
suggested to post it to a more general forum. Voila:

I make my presentation from trips using gwenview, and I like to play a 
typical music from the country I have visited during the presentation. 
Thanks to the modern cameras, I include more and more video shots as 
well. It would be nice if gwenview could somehow communicate with
amarok (or whatever other audio player) to fadeout the music when a video
is played, and then fadein back when the video is over.

Is this possible somehow?


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That would be interesting, but I don't know how to do it. PulseAudio may
be able to do this but I have no experience with it and I am not sure
PulseAudio can be easily controlled by a KDE application. It would be
interesting to ask this question to the kde-multimedia developers.

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